Areola Pigmentation following Breast Reconstruction Surgery

We are proud to offer Areola Pigmentation that can help men and woman achieve a more balances shape, clarity and even color tone of the areola with this advanced technique that can help you boost your self-confidence and happiness.
areola cosmetic tattooing by Unyozi Beauty Toronto

What is Areola Pigmentation?
Areola Pigmentation is a medical tattoo in which pigment (colour) is implanted into the skin of your breast reconstruction to re-create the colour and shape of the nipple-areola complex. The aim of this procedure is to create an areola that is as realistic as possible but will not match 100% to the opposite nipple/areola.

Who is the perfect candidate for this treatment?

  • Patient who have undergone breast mastectomy reconstruction
  • Patient Breast Cancer
  • Color Enhancement
  • Enlarged the nipples
  • Correct Asymmetrical

Areola Medical Pigmentation – Breast reduction or uplift surgery

Areola Pigmentation treatment minimizes the appearance of breast scars and improve areola irregularities, restoring them to a natural shape and symmetry.

Areola Medical Pigmentation – Enlargement & Defining
Areola Pigmentation is ideal for men and women who areola/ nipple is too pale, without definition, too small or asymmetrical, our treatment can help you achieve a balanced shaped, enhanced color and incredibly natural definition.

Areola Medical Pigmentation – Pre-& Post gender Reassignment Surgery
Areola Pigmentation treatment for gender reassignment, helping either to feminize the areola or creating a new areola and nipple. This will help you give, the look you were born to have.

How is the Areola Pigmentation carried out?
A trained and experienced practitioner will perform the procedure, usually in an outpatient clinic. Depending on the sensitivity of the reconstructed breast tissue, you may be offered a topical anaesthetic (in the form of a cream, which is applied at least 30 minutes before the procedure is carried out) to numb the area. Areola Pigmentation is a medical tattoo in which pigment (colour) is implanted into the skin to create a simulated 3D natural look to the areola/ nipple area.

Unyozi Beauty  use the latest techniques in Areola Medical Pigmentation, you are welcomed for complimentary consultation to address all your concerns and questions you have are fully addressed by our Master Technician Shirley Marin and the procedure is explained in detail. Please contact us at

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