Microblading Vs Micropigmentation Eyebrows – What is the difference ? Microblading and Micropigmentation eyebrows, both are under the umbrella of Permanent Makeup and the difference between these methods is that Microblading uses mini micro blades that are inserted to a hand tool pen. Whereas Micropigmentation uses nano micro needles that are inserted to a hand digital machine.

This Eyebrow Enhancement treatment leaves you with natural looking brows that have the power to enhance your looks. The results make you look younger and more attractive and save you time every morning. There are a variety of looks you can opt for when choosing your Eyebrow Permanent Makeup treatments. If it’s a dramatic powder brow you are looking for to mimic the look of makeup, you’ve got it. If it’s more realistic brows you’re looking for go for a procedure using individual strokes to create your desired brow shape, go for it. The choice is yours! Read more ” Latest Eyebrow Semi-Permanent Makeup”

It will depend of skin type and the look desire to achieve, for our specialist to recommend one or the other. These treatments can be performed either using Microblading or Micro-pigmentation.

Feathering Hair Strokes Eyebrows

This technique is injecting or Microblading & Micropigmentation individual hairs to bulk up the natural brows, this technique mimic the brow hair to gives a no-makeup look and you can still have the option to pencil your eyebrows if you would like to have a dramatic makeup look.

Ombre Powder Eyebrows
The ombre effect gives you a shadow look as if you had applied a brow powder. This is an excellent option to add a little depth creating definition giving a natural effect where the eyebrow is contoured with the pigment creating a ombre powder eyebrow effect over the eyebrow giving the most natural look.

Microblading Eyebrow 3D 
Gain the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with natural brow hair imitating your hair growth into fine lines and filling the gaps. This treatment creates a natural 3d brow effect that will last and last.

Color correction and camouflaging 
This technique is indicated to correct another artist’s brow work correcting color or camouflaging old tattoo ONLY with minor mistakes that are in a need of extra correction. This is not easy job because the results can be much less predictable depend on the correction complexity as mask discoloration and blurring. If your existing permanent makeup from another provider is notorious in pigment color or shape. We can’t perform a new treatment over the previous one. Otherwise, we highly recommended removal treatment previous to any of our treatments. Read more ” Eyebrow Microblading Mistakes” 

Unyozi Beauty is committed to creating bespoke, long lasting makeup effects to suit each of our clients individual needs in an environment of elegance and luxury . For complimentary consultation, visit us at www.unyozi.ca 

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