Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Make-up, also known or called“Microblading” “Eyebrow embroidery”“3D Hair stroke” “Feather stroke eyebrow”“Feather stroke”“Brow Tattoo”“Stroke Tattooing”. Aren’t all these names the same eyebrow treatment ? Definitely they are! This method is very effective mainly for those who look to enhance the brow shaping, sparse and arch to get the most natural delicate eyebrows.

Microblading is the latest advance in cosmetic enhancements and is taking the semi-permanent makeup industry by storm that has become increasingly popular all over North America. In fact, this technique is conquering over the last year in Toronto.  This method often confused with ” eyebrow micropigmentation” or “ brows nano-pigmentation” and both considered ” Permanent Make-up – Cosmetic Tattooing” These methods can be used to enhance anyone’s eyebrow appearance – no matter what their age or gender.

Where Did Microblading technique come from?
This method called “Tebori” millenarian, arose in Japan began as the famous Tattoo 10 thousand years ago. It’s a traditional Japanese hand tattoo technique

where a steel needle is tied to a long handle of bamboo and is held in the right hand, with the fingers of the left used to spread the skin to make the drawing in the body. Which many artists praise it for its ability to create subtle gradations that are difficult to achieve with a hand tool machine.

How exactly this magic technique is use on the eyebrow?
We called it at unYozi Beauty “Eyebrows Tebori Method” This newest trend in semi-permanent eyebrows makeup. It’s a technique using a hand tool where a fine needle is inserted in the manual tattoo pen and is held is the right hand, with finger of the left used to spread the skin to sculptor drawing the eyebrow with the aid of the needle to mimic hair strokes.
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This really sounds like magic isn’t it? It’s magic, not only because of the realistic results, but also because of the semi-permanent “Microblading” created with Tebori Method. The appearance of microblading is not only life-like and realistic but versatile lasting 1-2 years maximum. This does mean that the look will require re-application after this time, however, you’re not tied down and this allows for alternative shapes and colours to be used as trends change.

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